The Traditional Kashmiri Feast


The Wazwan is a true gourmet pilgrimage into the realms of a cuisine and culture that cannot be replicated anywhere but in Kashmir. The ceremonial Wazwan cooked by wazas (chefs) is served in intricately carved platters called 'taramis'. People sit in fours (considered auspicious) to share sustenance with dear ones. The tarami arrives heaped with rice and the first few courses. Each successive course follows separately to allow you to savour the distinct flavour.

The meal, which traditionally comprises 36 dishes, ends with fragrant Kahwa served from the 'Samovar' whose aroma leaves you with lingering memories of the Wazwan and of a paradise called Kashmir.

To enjoy the experience of a Wazwan, please email or call at +(91) 11 4366 3600.